ERUPT (Edmontonians for Responsible Urban Public Transit) is a citizens’ group supporting fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible public transit. We perceive major problems with the Valley Line LRT, and the Metro Line experience has intensified our concerns. The scope of these problems, outlined on this website, suggests the Valley Line LRT is not in the public’s best interest, and makes clear that a review of the project is reasonable and responsible. We support the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board’s recent report “A Case for Edmonton to Explore Bus Rapid Transit” and believe their recommendations would avoid these problems.

We request a moratorium on the Valley Line LRT, and an objective, transparent, thorough review of the project, to ensure the best use of public money in meeting the city’s goals of improved livability, sustainability, and compact urban form. We encourage the review to include careful consideration of Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board’s recent statement that “Compared to the LRT, [Bus Rapid Transit] is much cheaper in terms of infrastructure and capital costs, can be developed faster, and is less expensive to operate,” and to shift to upgraded and reimagined bus service, including partial BRT, beginning with the Valley Line.

Outlined on this website are our five major concerns as well as a possible solution that would alleviate most or all of these concerns and provide a better outcome for the citizens of Edmonton.

We have sent the contents of this website as an open letter to Mayor Don Iveson and Edmonton City Council on November 6, 2015.

After speaking with multiple community groups and individuals, we know that many people share our concerns. The purpose of this website is to share information and initiate dialogue on this very important matter that impacts all Edmontonians.