A comprehensive public transit plan is critical to Edmonton’s future livability, and now is the time to ensure we get it right. ERUPT calls for a pause and review of the Valley Line LRT, especially given the changed economic environment since this project was first conceived, to ensure the development of affordable, effective public transit that is responsible, undertakes careful risk management, and actually meets our city’s goals of increased livability, sustainability, and compact form. The five concerns outlined on this website signal serious red flags with the Valley Line LRT relating to its enormous tax burden, the very real potential for cost overruns, important social and environmental values ignored or not considered in the planning process, the inability of the project to meet Edmonton’s overarching goals, and widespread questioning of the P3 model.

As the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board has suggested, bus rapid transit might be a good solution to all of these problems by providing affordable, environmentally responsible, high-quality transit making use of existing infrastructure.

These five concerns, superimposed on a vastly different economic environment than was present when the project was conceived and planned, provide a compelling argument for review and change. We implore  Mayor Iveson, and every member of city council, to step up now and show strong leadership. We ask that they take this opportunity to pause and complete a separate, unbiased review of this project to ensure that the legacy they leave behind is a positive one.

Financial Cost

Failure to meet Edmonton’s overarching goals

Environmental Concerns

Public-Private Partnership Concerns

Poor Public Consultation